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How to Comfort Someone Who is Grieving

So over the years I have seen people royally mess up paying their condolences to people who grieving.

I myself, have been guilty of this. Over the years I just mimicked what was taught to me.

That was until the day I lost my twin brother. It was only on the funeral day, did I realise how futile and meaningless cliched funeral words can be.

Hundreds of people came for his funeral, so many cried and shed tears, but through it all, that day was just about the loneliest day in my life.

The months and years ahead got even harder. As I went through life battered and bruised from the grief. Only I alone realising the immensity of my grief I met friends and family who became really uncomfortable seeing me cry, and I somewhat withered away. My hope to live died with my twin.

It was hard, very very hard. The world met me with false concerns. They plastered words like ”Be Strong”, ”God’s got a Plan”, upon my huge gaping wound. They hoped those cliched words would heal my grieving wound.

I felt like screaming, yelling and falling to the floor. I felt like curling myself into a ball and disappearing. But instead I politely smiled and received their Amens and God bless you.

I did this video to empower those searching for ways to genuinely console someone you love dearly that is grieving the loss off a loved one.

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