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Relationship Advice and so much more for Young Girls.

Relationship Advice for Young Girls

I had an awesome opportunity to share some of my golden nuggets, with the ladies from Living Waters Church, in Durban North. The content I created was meant to encourage and inspire girls, young women, and single mums to dream bigger.

I talk about relationship advice, I really wish someone took the time to share with me. The age of romanticism has brought about a fake and superficial idea of what being in a relationship is really about. As we swipe left and right in the hope to find the perfect match, to have our happily ever after, we are left disappointed no more than ever.

So many people do not know how to date someone, what to do on dates. How to set personal boundaries. To you the #theforgottenchild. I have made this video just for you.

I intentionally chose to have this conversation because deep down within me, I knew this will matter to you 🙂

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