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Covid-What Doctors and Nurses are going through?

Covid -What Doctors and Nurses are going through

Doctors and nurses in South Africa are facing soo many challenges. They are emotionally and mentally bankrupt. They do not have the proper PPE and are told to just use a dust mask and go on shift. With winter fast approaching, South Africa is bracing itself for the 3rd wave.

This video is aimed at giving that “Hope” to the doctors and nurses.
Preparing them emotionally and mentally to face the 3rd wave. It is was also created to give you insight as to what exactly they are feeling.

Some nurses and doctors do not even have a break, as they feel an extreme duty to get the job done. Others in the U.S and UK don’t go back home and live in make-shift tents, as they are so fearful of infecting their family. They speak to their family via video call daily. Doctors and nurses are having to declare someone died of Covid every half an hour, and you have to face the family and tell them that their loved ones passed away from Covid. In return the family blames you.

Nurses and Doctors are struggling, as they do not know how to deal with the families of the people who passed away from Covid. The medical profession was not braced for the quantity and number of deaths they are facing now from Covid.

Covid -Whta Doctors and Nurses are going through?

Families are blaming the doctors and the nurses because they are not allowed to see their families when they admitted to hospitals in Covid wards. Families are relying on either a video or somebody in the hospital to give them feedback.

Families are lashing out at the doctors and nurses, they are feeling a compounded feeling of guilt. They are already feeling the guilt of what else could I have done to save this person. Nurses and doctors are having this compounded effect of guilt.

They begin to feel so much guilt, they don’t want to do this anymore.
They feel they just can’t do this anymore. As much as their heart wants them to be the nurse and the doctor. They are just so tired physically, mentally. Their heart is tired.

These feelings that they are feeling are human. It is ok to embrace the pain and anger. Sometimes you just have to trust God, and if though you do not understand it, you understand it is in his divine will. It is almost as though you are converting that anger you have, into a solace of a hug from God.

Even in the face of adversity, there is something to be grateful for in life.
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