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Covid – How local community pages are helping families and changing lives.

How to assist your local communities

In these tough economic times, with massive job losses across South Africa, people are becoming despondent and depress. Covid and all the challenges it brings with it have
brought about a sense of community in sunny South Africa.

Cape Town trailblazing the way community pages can be used to help one another, instilling a sense of pride and person on the local Facebook pages and groups and IM’s chats.

Local Community Pages are helping families and changing lives

Local Community Pages are helping families and changing lives.
We do not have all the answers, but by reaching out to people,
on the community pages, you can get the help you need today for your family and friends.
Such fantastic examples of how these pages are changing lives.

How to get help for:

  • Jobs,
  • Municipality
  • Electricity Issues
  • A meal for you and your family for the day
    You are not alone in this, there is always someone out there willing to help.

Thank you Melanie Francis for your valuable input.
@thecoreoflifebycorrine #keep hope alive

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